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Alum Works is a thriving custom aluminum patio cover company focused on providing the best customer service. Our speciality is modern adjustable louver patio covers but we have a wide range of aluminum patio cover options. The Alum Works footprint covers all of Southern California. Come join the Alum Works Family!

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20 years of superior quality and creativity

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Our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions, ensuring your vision comes to life with precision and ease.



Based on over 19 years of experience in building patio covers, our company offers you variable design solutions for patio improvements. Every house is individual, like its owner, and every patio should be matched accordingly. All of Alum Works designs come up with an individual style and are tailored to the owner’s needs. The space where functionality, superior engineering, and cost effectiveness meet is the main priority in all Alum Works designs.



We have standard engineering plans for each of our products, but in some cases, those plans aren’t enough for the local building departments. In these cases, our engineer will provide additional custom drawings and calculations as needed. Some examples of where additional engineering services might be needed include a patio installation on top of an existing deck, an extremely large roof span, any additional loads added on top of the roof, city-mandated additional seismic calculations, or patio covers on a hillside.


City Permits

We take care of all the permit issues and can help you with your HOA. All of our standard plans are approved by every city in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Our team of experts will check for any potential issues and make sure all zoning codes are followed, in order to seamlessly get the permits and your project approved.



Alum Works specializes in custom patio cover and pergola installation. We have seasoned teams who are able to install your beautiful patio cover quickly, cleanly, and professionally. With over 19 years of patio cover installation experience, you can trust on Alum Works to deliver!



Do you need repairs on your patio cover or pergola? Are you experiencing any issues from leaks to electrical issues or more? Let Alum Works technical team take a look and see what can be done!


Some of the most asked questions here

Why Choose Aluminum For A Patio Cover?

Aluminum has many advantages for patio covers and pergolas. It’s durable and requires much less maintenance than wood or vinyl covers. It’s versatile in application and design. It looks beautiful and can fit both modern and traditional homes. It’s high-quality and lasts for many years with little trouble. This makes it a great and cost-effective investment. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

What are Adjustable Louvers?

Adjustable louvers are an innovative option for your patio cover or pergola roof. They open and close like blinds on the top. This allows you to have the best of both worlds, with sunlight coming through when you’d like and to close them to have full shade like a solid cover. We have both manual and motorized options. We can be more competitive in cost than you think, so give us a call for a free estimate!

How Much Does A Patio Cover Cost?

Our patio covers are custom-built to order. There are numerous design and engineering options to consider, such as the patio cover location, permits, design, type of patio cover, electrical items, and more. There is no fixed cost per square foot, so for the most competitive and accurate pricing, it's best to request a free quote. We can also provide a rough budget estimate over the phone to ensure it aligns with your project budget. Please request a free quote to speak with our team!

Where are you Located?

Our materials yard is in Panorama City in LA County. We serve LA, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Don’t hesitate to reach out as we have reps and installers in your area if you are in Southern California!

Are you a Manufacturer and/or Do You Just Sell Materials?

In short, no. Alum Works is a custom patio cover design and full installation company. We work with several different reputable manufacturers like Solara, 4K Aluminum, and United Duralume to create custom aluminum patio covers. We provide full service from design, quote, delivery, and installation. We do not sell materials to clients directly nor do we manufacture any of the parts in-house.

Does Alum Works Work on Commercial Projects?

Yes! Alum Works works on commercial projects of all kinds, from public work projects to restaurants and retail, apartment buildings, multi-unit projects, tract homes, and more. We have the experience and team to seamlessly manage commercial projects along with custom residential projects. Please reach out to request a free quote as we'd love to work with you!

Do You Have A Unique Project, Question or Concern?

We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out our request a quote form or call us directly at 818-394-9322 to speak with us.

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