Total waterproof installation provides you shade with 100% of rain protection. Frameless solar panels lie on silicon cushion pressed between aluminum rails. That system allows you to get maximum efficiency of your construction.​
Regular framed solar panels lie as second row on the existing aluminum frame designed specially for the certain amount of panels. Aluminum cover here is a supporting construction for solar system.​

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The heavy-duty rafters, beams and posts are designed to endure high winds and snows. Engineered to withstand 70lbs psf of snow and up to 120 mrph winds. 

How it works

Alum Works Solar Patio Cover, Custom Solar Framing System, Energy Efficient, Solar Panels In Los Angeles

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As the solar panels get hotter, they will produce less power from the same amount of sunlight. Thus our open framing system allows the air to cool down The solar panels which usually installed too tight to the roof getting less efficient during hot seasons. Our open framing system allows the air flow free under the panels and cool them down.

The perfect bill-cutting solution for thousands of home owners whose roofs are the wrong size, or wrong orientation or too beautiful, to be covered with solar panels. This custom solar framing system that would not only help with customer's needs but be also stylish. We take great care to custom design solar systems that are both state-of-the-art and aesthetically adequate for our clients to create a unique, architectural PV system that would enhance beautiful home exterior.
​For all these who prefer not to have the solar panels mounted on his roof, building custom solar framing system is the best possible solution. Solar patio cover can be either attached to the house or be freestanding as a carport or a pool cover. In a sunroom, custom solar framing system, can be combined with a regular glass. That combination gives you an unique combination of the futuristic

 solar panel pattern and classic sunroom ceiling.

Technical info


the perfect integration

Going green has never looked so good

  • Pay less for more
  • Life Style Changing
  • Increase Property Value
  • Extra Living Space
  • Natural Light - no complete shade on the ground solar panel allows 15% natural light transmission.
  • Sturdy Construction Style & Technology
  • Made of 100% aluminum, maintenance and corrosion free
  • Variable design
  • Fits on almost any existing sub-structure
  • Outstanding look of Style & Technology
Designed to be aesthetically adequate to your home. With endless possibilities, our design comes with different decorative accessories, columns, caps, and colors to add your own personal touch.