We have standard engineering plans for each of our products, but in some cases those plans aren't enough for the building department, so our engineer will  provide additional drawings and calculations if needed: If the patio is to be installed on top of the existing deck; Large roof span; Any additional load added on top of the roof; City of LA inquires additional seismic calculations; Enclosing under existing roof.

Repair? Leek? Broken window? Moldy walls? Not ready to make changes and invest in new patio? No worries! With more than 12 years of experience we can save you the money and fix your old  patio!



Based over 12 years of experience in building patio covers and enclosures, our company offers you variable design solutions regarding patio improvement. Every house is individual like his owner and every patio should be matched accordingly. Every design comes up with an individual style and owner's needs when the functionality and right engineering are the main priority.


Patio Enclosure in Los Angeles

We take care of all the permit issues and can help you with HOA. All our standard plans are approved by all Cities in Los Angeles area. Our expert will check for set back and zoning code and get the City permit.



City permit


City Permit