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Adjustable Patio Cover, Sunroom, Enclosure Under Existing Roof, Patio Enclosure, Aluminum Lattice Cover, Aluminum Solid Cover, Solar Patio Cover in Los Angeles


With Sunroom addition you can enjoy the outdoors during winter months, on rainy days. With a Sunroom you bring the sunlight indoors. By adding light to your living space you can improve your health & wellbeing.

Patio Enclosure

The Patio Enclosure made of durable and long lasting materials will Increase the value and you'll get the most out of your investment of your home. The patio enclosure is just the right level of investment!

Enclosure under Existing Roof

Outdoor landscaping will make your enclosure look like it has always been part of the house rather than a new addition. Our Patio Enclosures under Existing Roof take advantage of all of the available space, giving you as many windows as possible.Think about adding an enclosure to your home and enjoy the outdoors all year round!

Aluminum Solid Cover

Patio covers can be attached to your home in many ways but three most common are the Wall Mount, Fascia Mount and the Roof Mount. All of these options are very easy to install and can withstand up to 110 mph wind loads. We can assist you in choosing the best way to attach your Solid Patio Cover to your home.

Aluminum Lattice Cover

Add a beautiful decorative touch to an outdoor area with the Aluminum Lattice Patio cover. The patio has the appearance of real wood but is made from aluminum to resist insect infestation, damage from fire, warping, splitting and cracking for lasting beauty. The patio cover never needs to be painted or stained.

Solar Patio Cover

​For all these who prefer not to have the solar panels mounted on his roof, building custom solar framing system is the best possible solution.Solar patio cover can be either attached to the house or be freestanding as a carport or a pool cover.

Adjustable  Patio Cover

Shade when you want it or direct natural sunlight on those cold winter days. Rain protection, keeping you and everything under your cover, dry! Variable design, not restricted by exterior frame. Adjustable patio cover made of 100% aluminum, maintenance and corrosion free. Available with manual opener or with low voltage motor and remote.