• Shade when you want it or direct natural sunlight on those cold winter days.
  • Indirect lighting, providing a friendly light atmosphere without direct sun light.
  • 100% shade and ventilation, providing a cool breeze on those hot summer days.
  • Rain protection, keeping you and everything under your cover, dry!
  • The only company that offers durable Roll-Formed or Heavy Duty Extruded louvers to fit any budget.
  • Made of 100% aluminum, maintenance and corrosion free.
  • Variable design, not restricted by exterior frame
  • Fits on almost any existing sub-structure
  • Available with manual opener or with low voltage motor and remote.
  • Established company; 20 years on the market
  • Also available with wind and rain Sensor
  • Best warranty coverage on the market.
Durability and Cleaning:​
The heavy-duty rafters, beams and posts are designed to endure high winds and snows. Solara can be engineered to withstand 70lbs psf of snow and up to 120 mrph winds. Open the Solara louvers to 130 degrees (cleaning mode) and you can wash off the top of the louvers from beneath with a garden hose. 

Color staying power:​

Because it is made of aluminum Solara will never rust, rot or fade. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

​Why Solara is the Greenest Patio Cover on Earth:​
Made of maintenance free recyclable aluminum- Catches the natural rain water which can be stored or diverted to garden or lawn- When shading it can save you on home cooling energy.
Closed Adjustable Patio Cover
Closed louvers will protect your patio desk , furnishings and appliances from the weather, saving you home having to replace them early. Shading your walls with Solara helps cool your home in the hot months, unshaded walls can be up to 300%
#1 Angled Pergola. On a hot sunny day you still want to open your Adjustable Patio Cover louvers till they shade the sun. Now you will have 100% shade, full ventilation and the maximum amount of light. Thant is what adjustability is all about.

#2 Open Pergola. On a cold sunny day you will want to open the louvers 90 degrees. That will give you up to 98% of the natural direct sunlight allowing the passive solar rays to warm up your patio and your home.

#3 Solid Patio Cover. On rainy or snowy days you can close your Adjustable Patio Cover louvers all the way to protect your patio furnishings, barbecue, desk, and pets from the elements.

How it works

Save yourself time and money that it takes to maintain a wood structure, and go with aluminum.

product of:

Technical info

Available in 5

standard colors:

Cedar Wood






Solara is the only Adjustable Patio Cover producer on the market which offers a Cedar Wood grain finish.

Also available in our durable roll-formed or heavy duty louvers, including rafters,


and posts! 


Absolute Comfort! Rain or Shine

Open Adjustable Patio Cover
When open it can provide valuable passive solar rays to save on home heating energy.- Because the open louvers will allow up to 98% of the natural light it can save on home and patio lightning energy.

adjustable patio cover: 

Three diferent types of patio covers

Changing  the way you think about shading systems

Adjustable Louvered Patio Cover in Los Angeles