All Interior Insulated walls have the same  white Drywall / Succado texture.

All Exterior walls come in different textures and can be painted in any color to match house.

The main benefit of a screen room is to help you feel closer to nature with just screens between you and the great outdoors. A screen room provides much needed shelter from the weather. Screen rooms are usually recommended for three season use for homes that have been build in warm climates. The beauty of having a screen room is their ability to be build without too much expense. Enjoy the great outdoors cool air circulation without the bother of mosquitoes, flies or other insects.

​2", 4", 6" Laminated Walls help eliminate condensations and save on heating and cooling bills.

Thermally-Broke extrusions with smooth finish.

24", 36", 42", 48",60" widths Double Side slider windows with an option for sculptured french grids.Full removable screen on window.

Tapered Interlocks provides maximum sealing of window system against wind and rain.

Engineering of products

Residential insulated 36" x 80" entry doors. Half view, Full view and French door are available. Energy saving and improved thermal performance.Sliding patio door 6/0 x 6/8 for more convenient access into enclosure.

Upgrade exterior wall paneling

with factory applied Acrylic Coat

allows room enclosure to blend in

with a stucco coated house.

If you have a dog or cat, they can rip or damage screens by jumping, leaning or scratching them. The Pet Screen is made from vinyl coated polyester and is seven times stronger than traditional screening. Also great for heavy wear in high traffic areas.

screen room

Save yourself time and money that it takes to maintain a wood structure, and go with aluminum.

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Colors & Textures

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Downspouts are very important as they drain away the rain water and melted ice from the gutter, aiming them away from your  patio enclosure.​ They can handle 20 gallons of water per minute with no over flow problems.

Gutter System

The Gutter and Side Fascia's are made with thick extruded aluminum, the Insulated Patio Gutter can easily be cleaned due to its open design.

If you're like many, you dream of time spent with family and friends. Whether it is a play room, craft nook, entertainment room or a quiet reading place, a Patio Enclosure can help you achieve your dream. Not only is it affordable, but you will find that it's allure will quickly make it one of the most popular spaces in your home. It can be easily transformed to the Family Get-Togethers, Candlelit Dinners, Entertainment Room,  Home Office or just the right Place to Relax.

The Patio Enclosure made of durable and long lasting materials will Increase the value and you'll get the most out of your investment of your home. The patio enclosure is just the right level of investment!

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