All Interior Insulated walls have the same  white Drywall/ Stuccado texture.

All Exterior walls come in different textures and can be painted in any color to match house.

2", 4", 6" Laminated Walls help eliminate condensations and save on heating and cooling bills.

Thermally-Broke extrusions with smooth finish.

24", 36", 42", 48",60" widths Double Side slider windows with an option for sculptured french grids.Full removable screen on window.

Tapered Interlocks provides maximum sealing of window system against wind and rain.

Engineering of products

Residential insulated 36" x 80" entry doors. Half view, Full view and French door are available. Energy saving and improved thermal performance.Sliding patio door 6/0 x 6/8 for more convenient access into enclosure.

Upgrade exterior wall paneling

with factory applied Acrylic Coat

allows room enclosure to blend in

with a stucco coated house.

Five different glass doors as well as a steelclad, raised- panel solid insulated door. all of our glass doors have a heavy-duty, extruded aluminum frame, tempered safety glass (with your choice of glazing) and for added security, an industry-standard keyed lock set. In addition, all the doors used with 2",4",6" wall system feature a 100% thermally broken door jamb, frame and sash for superior thermal protection.

Dual-Glazed thermal glass window with an option for Single-Glazed tempered glass which meet most requirements for heating and cooling.

Double Side Slider window.  Panels slide and lift out for easy cleaning. Delron rollers with fiberglass stand up to added weight of dual glazing for extended life. Continuous Weather Stripping with center fin membrane barrier for maximum air and water infiltration resistance.


Save yourself time and money that it takes to maintain a wood structure, and go with aluminum.

Technical info

Colors & Textures

Make over an old patio to a new living space

Existing posts
Can be seemed outside or inside. Wall system can be installed either behind the existing posts or include them in the interior. We'll help you to create your comport living.​

Original roof

All stays on its place. Nothing to be demolished or changed. Our enclosure system precisely fits your existing roof following the original size of the structure and creates protection, privacy and cool comfort.

Now you can enclose the existing  patio cover and enjoy peaceful and relaxing style of living and protection from the annoying bugs and flies! There is a large variety of sunrooms that can be built under existing roofs. You simply have to convert an existing space to any type of room either for pleasure either for work. By matching the existing style of your home, we can create sunrooms that blend in seamlessly.
Outdoor landscaping will make your enclosure look like it has always been part of the house rather than a new addition. Our  patio enclosures take advantage of all of the available space, giving you as many windows as possible.So, think about adding an enclosure to your home and enjoy the outdoors safely all year round!

How it works