Aluminum Solid

Patio Cover

available in two

main colors: 



and two textures:



Save yourself time and money that it takes to maintain a wood structure, and go with aluminum.

get the look of real wood and the durability of aluminum

​Make the most of your patio with fiberglass Roman columns. Available in white Sizes 8"-12" x 8'-12'

Skylights are ideal for low slope or flat roofs. Its shape design helps shed water and snow off the surface to prevent leaks. A durable and reliable unit that is ideal for replacing old worn out units. 

Custom sizes and shapes available to meet your specific needs.

Available in acrylic and tampered glass.


Rafters and posts

are available in 8

standard colors:


Spanish Brown







Colors & Textures

Weather Breaker Insulated Aluminum Patio Covers

Internal Raceway Beam

Come in 3, 4 or 6 inch thick with a solid polystyrene core and aluminum embossed skin . The 3" x 8" steel beam makes easy installation of your ceiling fan. This process allows you to keep wires hidden

without the need for electrical

conduit mounted on the surface

of your patio cover.

Panel Interlock Design System

Solid Patio Cover is the 3" thick 1lb foam insulated panels are sandwiched with .024" embossed on both sides. The panels reduce heat by up to 15 degrees, reduces the sound of rain and and can be walked which is a big plus for home maintenance.​

Low maintenance and lasting beauty through multi-step finishing process. Choice of ceiling texture style alllows for individual design. Cedar or Stucco embossing texture perfectly match all other patio cover components. Moisture and mildew resistant core offers insulation value of approx. R-13.3" thick or R-17, thick. Aluminum skins factory laminated to meet strist state building standards. Stronger more rigid roof panel limits deflection. Others use 1 lb density.Reduces chance of annoying condensation and heat transfer.Eliminates the fear of Caulking failure.Unique Internal Gutters give triple protection from roof leaks.
These artfully designed shade covers create 100% of shade.

How it works