Easy maintenance. The polycarbonates used to make an aluminum patio cover provide long-lasting strength. It offers protection from the sun’s UV rays and corrosion resistance as well. That means the sun’s heat, insects, and rust will not wear out an aluminum patio roof.  And, of course, it will not rot as wood can do. Any color of the aluminum patio cover is baked into the product so you don’t have to worry about repainting it. 
High maintenance is required. The wood should be treated to resist termites as well as inclement weather and take care of it yearly. The sun can cause the change the color of the wood. In humid or salty conditions, the wood will start to absorb water. It means re-sealing and repainting the wood patio every year but it makes it impossible when your patio is covered by plants.

Build a Garden of your dreams

Technical info

Available in 8

standard colors:


Spanish Brown







Aluminum lattice cover offers Lifetime of beauty and value

Shading 60% with 2" x 3"
2″ x 3″ lattice tubing with matching plastic beveled end caps.You can choose wider lattice tubes for more shade without screening out fresh breezes. More shade, more protection.​ Lattice gives a look of fancy and charm to your home's exterior,
and helps you reduce your
exposure to the sun.
Shading 50% with 2" x 2"
​2″ x 2″ lattice tubing with matching plastic beveled end caps.
​You can also change the spacing between the tubes so you can get the comfort you want, while your plants get all the sunlight and rainfall they need.
If you're looking for a way to enhance the beauty, appeal, comfort and value of your home, take a closer look at Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover. These artfully designed shade covers provide the allure and ambiance you've dreamed of. Aluminum Lattice patio covers create patterns of shade and sunlight, allowing you to customize the amount of sun allowed through the beams while also minimizing harsh light and heat.

Our lattice patio covers consist of a 2″ x 6″ rafter available in several different gauges to allow for maximum projections of up to 20′ in lighter wind load areas, and up to 15′ in wind load areas up to 130 mph!

How it works

Available in four distinctive cuts:

  • ​Made from aluminum for great durability
  • Deep driftwood embossed design
  • Resists chipping, cracking and peeling for lasting beauty.
  • Resists damage from insects and will not burn.
  • Water- and rust-resistant
  • Does not require painting or staining.

Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover features a low-maintenance, durable surface protector finish. Non-stick properties, heat resistance and resistance to corrosion. It's surface protection enhances resistance to dirt and stains for easy-to-clean performance. Total weather resistance.


Save yourself time and money that it takes to maintain a wood structure, and go with aluminum.